Capital Markets

For more than 20 years, CoBank has helped agribusiness, power, energy, water, communications and project finance customers access the financing they need to support their large capital investments, acquisitions and other major strategic initiatives.

Working with more than 100 different investors, including a variety of Farm Credit organizations, commercial banks, insurance companies and other institutional investors, we invest in and manage complex transactions from $50 million to several billion dollars to enable our customers to pursue their long-term goals.

The Takeaway

Debt Capital Raising

CoBank leads and agents syndicated transactions, sub-syndications, and provides fully underwritten commitments to support financing for mergers and acquisitions and other complex or confidential financing situations.

Secondary Market Trading

We facilitate secondary market purchases and sales for its agented facilities to accommodate investor portfolio management and management of investor groups on behalf of the borrower. CoBank also purchases and sells for the benefit of its own portfolio and on behalf of Farm Credit System partners in certain situations.

Deal Structuring and Pricing Advice

For customers exploring large or complicated debt-financed acquisitions, CoBank experts advise customers what to expect from the market, including potential investors, interest rates, financing terms, maturities and covenants.

Post-closing Administrative Agency Services

We serve as a single point of contact to distribute financial statements, covenant compliance and other required documentation to lender groups, manage amendments and credit agreement adjustments post-closing, and distribute principal and interest payments to participating investors.

Why Syndicate

Syndication offers significant benefits to the financial management of large debt transactions.

  • Ensures you receive the best market pricing, terms and conditions and provides a structure and process around your financing needs
  • Diversifies your investor base, reducing your exposure to any one bank and positions you to develop relationships with multiple banks for access to a broad array products and services
  • Simplifies treasury management and funding through a single financing agreement and reduces expenses through more efficient treasury management


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