Industries We Serve

CoBank has a mission to serve agriculture and rural communities, where our customers provide the critical lifeline services rural communities depend on—food, water, energy and communications.


From local grain cooperatives to global food, beverage and agribusiness

Digital Infrastructure

Local exchange carriers, wireless and cable companies, data centers, tower and fiber companies

Electric Distribution

Electric distribution cooperatives providing power and communications to rural communities. 

Power, Energy and Utilities

Power generation and transmission, battery storage and midstream assets

Rural Community Investment

Healthcare facilities providing rural residents access to medical care

Water and Waste Disposal

Water cooperatives and other operators of water and waste disposal facilities

With CoBank, there is more of a trust factor, and the relationship is more than transactional.

– Chris Freeman, CFO, Bongards’ Creameries

Industry Expertise

We finance agricultural cooperatives that bring farmers’ products to market, agribusinesses with name brand products on grocery store shelves, and livestock producers who raise and process protein for tables across America and around the world.

Through our funding of affiliated Farm Credit associations, we provide needed capital to farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses who produce our food, fuel and fiber.

We also finance rural utility infrastructure organizations that provide essential services – electricity, water and communications – to their communities, which are also home to many of America’s farmers and ranchers.

CoBank’s expert lending teams build strong relationships with our customers, focused on their long-term success rather than our own quarterly returns. Many of our customers have chosen to work with CoBank for decades, participating in our governance and sharing in our profits.