People at CoBank


Thomas Halverson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Deboleena Bose

Chief Human Resources Officer

David P. Burlage

Chief Financial Officer

Brett Challenger

Executive Vice President, Infrastructure Banking Group

Timothy Curran

Chief Risk Officer

Brenda K. Frank

Executive Vice President, Farm Credit Banking Group

Eric Itambo

Chief Banking Officer

Andrew D. Jacob

Chief Operating Officer

M. Mashenka Lundberg

Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

Steve Wittbecker

Chief Sustainability Officer

Board of Directors

Knowledge Exchange

Rob Fox

Director, Knowledge Exchange

Brian Earnest

Lead Economist, Animal Protein

Tanner Ehmke

Lead Economist, Grains and Oilseeds

Jacqui Fatka

Lead Economist, Farm Supply and Biofuels

Corey Geiger

Lead Economist, Dairy

Jeff Johnston

Lead Economist, Communications

Christina Pope

Senior Research Editor

Abbi Prins

Industry Analyst

Billy Roberts

Senior Economist, Food and Beverage

Teri Viswanath

Lead Economist, Power, Energy and Water

Other Authors

Brian Cavey

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

Jim Shanahan

Vice President, Financial Regulatory Compliance