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In today’s global marketplace, America’s agricultural products can be found in countries around the world. CoBank finances the export and pre-export of U.S. agricultural commodities, supplies or products, as well as the export of U.S. agricultural-related equipment. CoBank provides import financing for our agricultural cooperative customer-owners and for other Farm Credit System institutions’ customers.

CoBank services these customers through its Agricultural Export Finance Division headquarters in Denver, Colorado, and a representative office in Singapore. Our documentary services include commercial and standby letters of credit and documentary collections.

Commercial Letters of Credit

We offer commercial letters of credit to reduce payment risk on international sales.

Documentary Collections

CoBank offers bank-to-bank documentary collections to facilitate payment and the exchange of documents to protect both buyer and seller interests on international sales.

Standby Letters of Credit

While not intended to be the primary means of payment, financial and performance standby letters of credit are available to safeguard against non-payment or non-performance in a transaction.

Pre-Export Financing

When investment is needed to make exporting possible, CoBank can provide pre-export financing including working capital and term loans.

Industry Expertise

CoBank supports trade between U.S. exporters and their customers and suppliers in Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Our experienced team of trade finance experts remain current on rapidly changing foreign country and market conditions and have developed long-standing relationships with our strategically located foreign correspondent banks and key centers of influence in those markets.

The team also offers deep experience with the export credit guarantee programs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Export Import Bank as well as private insurance and risk mitigation products offered by multilateral financial institutions.

CoBank’s trade operations team is Denver-based, and provides a high touch, personalized level of service and expertise on all of our product offerings.

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